Officer Writes Ticket and Warms Hearts In Just One Traffic Stop

A Missouri man is thanking a police officer who pulled him over and wrote him a ticket for driving without the proper license plates.

According to FOX2Now, Matthew Manley was driving his niece, 5, home from chemotherapy, when an officer spotted his plates and pulled him over.

Manley was the first to admit he was aware he had not switched the licenses plate from his old car to his new van in the allotted amount of time.

However, he was unsure why the infraction called for the officer to go into the trunk of his police cruiser.

When the officer came out from behind his cruiser, Manley could see he was carrying a backpack.

The pack, a product of a program called Project Backpack, was filled with school supplies including clothes, art materials, and stuffed animals.

There was one more thing in this pack.

A handwritten not that read, "From Officer Shawn: Hope you get to feeling better real soon," and ended with a smiley face.

Matthew's wife Dana shared the officer's gesture on Facebook, and his actions were praised by many.

Dana told FOX2Now the officer has since called her to thank her for sharing the story and see how her niece was feeling.

Manley says he has no hard feelings towards the officer despite still getting a ticket.