Officers go above and beyond for elderly woman

Earlier today Officer Kristen Miller responded to a welfare check on a 92 year old female, her family was worried for...

Gainesville, Ga. (WAGA)-A Gainesville police officer is being praised for the kindness she showed towards an elderly woman over the weekend.

On Sunday, Officer Kristen Miller was called out to the home of a 92-year-old. The woman's family was worried about her because her electricity and power were out for an unknown reason.

"Officer Miller arrived on scene and found that all the food in the refrigerator had spoiled and she was out of water," said the Gainesville Police Department on Facebook. "Officer Miller found out that she had no means of transportation and couldn't make it to the store."

Miller immediately went to the store and bought some groceries with her personal money. The Facebook post said Corporal Jessica Van stayed with the elderly woman while Miller went to the store.

"The elderly female and her family were very grateful for Officer Miller's selfless act and were glad to have her respond the way she did," police said. "This is what 90% of police work is about. We are PROUD to SERVE."

As of Monday morning, the Facebook post had received more than 8,000 likes and had been shared more than 1,600 times. Under the comments section of the post, Gainesville police went on to say they were working to get her utilities taken care of.