Officers rescue boy after tombstone crashes on top of him

Dramatic new video shows a tombstone toppling right onto a young boy. Thankfully, police rushed in and saved the 8-year-old boy.

It was pure tension at the Mount Lebanon Cemetery as Darby Township and Collingdale officers worked as a team to save young Elijah.

Darby Township Officer Danny Fynes walks us through last week's courageous rescue.

"If we went to the other side, we probably could have injured him more seriously so we used the other stone to the left of it and using that by lifting the stone on top of that stone. We kind of avoided any more serious injuries than had occurred when the stone initially fell on him."

Now, Elijah is resting at home and won't be playing soccer for quite a while.

"We came home Monday and he's thankfully doing a lot better than he was. He had the surgery. He had two rods in his femur. He's got the broken wrist, which everybody's been signing his cast, which he's loving that," his mom explained.

His thankful mother thinks about how close they came to tragedy.

"They basically gave my my son in a way, so I have to say thank you to all of them," she said.