Officials: Cases of whooping cough confirmed in Wallingford-Swarthmore School District

Sevens cases of whooping cough have been confirmed in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, according to officials. Whooping cough can last 10 or more weeks.

Head of Delaware County's Health Department Doctor George Avetian is urging parents of coughing and sneezing kids to seek a proper diagnosis and treatment early.

"It's a little bit more difficult in flu season because a lot of these symptoms mimic influenza," he told FOX 29.

Dr. June Elcock-Messam, of Media Pediatrics, says her office has been inundated with calls of people worrying about the outbreak.

"If I prescribed an antibiotic for every family who called my office, we would have a shortage," she said. "If we do have a real case we do have to treat everyone in that family."

Dr. Elcock-Messam stresses the need to vaccinate children as recommended.

"We really need to dispel some of the myths. Vaccines are safe period, end of story."

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