Officials: New Jersey student charged with sharing explicit video of 12-year-old classmate

A New Jersey School district is warning parents after an explicit video of a female student was shared on social media.

Pinelands Regional School District sent a message to parents Thursday to alert them that a junior high school student is facing charges after he allegedly posted the video online.

Superintendent Melissa McCooley asked parents to talk with their children about the incident since multiple students had also reposted the video.

School officials say the female student depicted in the video is 12-years-old, classifying the video as child pornography. Students or anyone else reposting the video could be subject to criminal charges.

“It is evident that students need additional education regarding the ramifications of sending inappropriate messages/videos and social media. I will be reaching out to the Ocean County Prosecutors Office for assistance with this matter. Please speak to your children as well,” Superintendent McCooley stated.