Officials: Possible threat found in bathroom stall at Widener University

There was concern on the campus Wednesday night after school officials revealed a possible threat found on campus.

"It could just be someone looking for attention or somebody with some serious intentions of harming people," sophomore Connor Johnson said.

The heightened alert came after campus security was notified about a statement written on a women's bathroom stall in the Kapelski Learning Center it said, 'This time I will shoot up Widener.'

"I think the Chester police know what they're doing and certainly campus security is well aware of what's going on," Johnson said.

School security quickly notified Chester police who came on campus to investigate. Chester police notified the FBI and patrols were increased immediately although police told university officials they did not believe this was a credible threat.

Officials urged students, faculty and employees as well as visitors that if they see something to say something and report anything suspicious to campus security immediately.