Officials Replace Principal of George Washington High School

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Just hours after several students allegedly attacked a teacher in a classroom, school district officials moved to reassign Principal Gene Jones at George Washington High School, replacing him with new co-principals.

"We felt it was needed given the incident that occurred yesterday and also given prior incidents," said Philadelphia School District Spokesperson Fernando Gallard.

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Jones had been on the hot seat after a recent cafeteria brawl and an attack on a freshman outside the school. He claimed the school was safe for students. Then Monday, police say, at least two students entered a classroom and tried to take a cell phone from another student then they allegedly attacked the teacher, punching him in the face.

News of Jones' reassignment to school district headquarters brought some strong reactions from students and parents like Fran Kaminsky who has two daughters there.

"There's been no discipline, these fights have been going on. Everything's been unreported," she told FOX 29.

The district says co-principals Fran Deal and Christine Black took over Tuesday morning. They will be supported by more personnel and a new safety plan as they try to make improvements at the school.

At least two students are facing criminal charges in connection with the attack on the teacher. A third student is being investigated, according to police. The two students are suspended and may face expulsion. The new co-principals plan to meet with parents and students soon.