Officials share body camera footage of Trenton officer-involved shooting

The Union County Prosecutor's Office on Friday shared body camera footage of a police-involved shooting in Trenton that left a man paralyzed.

The lawyers for Jajuan Henderson, 29, say just after midnight on Feb. 12th., he went to his car parked on Centre Street in Trenton to get some ice tea. They allege Henderson was approached by plain-clothed police officers who shot him in the neck and back leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. 

Newly released police body camera footage shows the officers order Henderson to roll down his window and get out of his car. 

Henderson appears confused and asks the police "why did you all stop me for. I’m not speeding or anything?"

The video show officers striking the driver's side window of the vehicle until it bursts. Henderson is heard screaming as he starts his car. The car moves forward striking the vehicle in front of him and hitting another car as he backs up.

Police warn each other that the car is moving, and four gunshots are heard.

Henderson’s attorney Greg Zeff claims his client’s hands were clearly visible to police. 

"You could see his hands," Zeff said. "That’s an important part for the police you could see he was unarmed, and they knew he was unarmed."

The Trenton Police Department did not return a call from FOX 29 for comment. Trenton’s Mayor Reed Gusciora wrote in a statement that he has seen the video and is awaiting the results of an investigation of the officers’ actions by the Union County Prosector’s Office.

A spokesperson for the Union County Prosecutor said the investigation was nearing an end.

Henderson, the father of a young child, faces criminal charges in the case.



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