Outpatient visits down 60% due to COVID-19 pandemic, study suggests

The number of visits to ambulatory practices has declined 60 percent since mid-March, according a study done researchers at Harvard University and Phreesia, which is a healthcare technology company.

“One estimate says that over these three months more than 80,000 cancers will be missed because of lack of colonoscopies, prostate screenings, and breast cancer screenings,” Director of MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper Dr. Generosa Grana said. 

She says screenings save lives

“Early detection is really one of the key elements and successful treatment of cancer. The earlier you find cancer the more likely you are to have less surgery, a better prognosis overall," she said.

She added while postponing a screening may not affect a slow-growing cancer as much, you won't know either way until you’re screened and can have dire consequences if you have a rapidly developing cancer.

Dr. Grana says Cooper listened to state guidelines and held off on screenings and elective surgeries. It’s decision she says was the right one to make.


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