Pa. representative Kevin Boyle caught on video in incident at Montgomery County bar: officials

Pennsylvania state representative Kevin Boyle is back in the spotlight after an incident in a local bar that was caught on video and posted to social media Thursday morning threatening to shut down a bar as he’s being told to leave.

According to the Rockledge Township, Montgomery County Chief of Police, it was 12:18 Thursday morning when an officer arrived at the Gaul and Co. Malt House, after the bartender called 911.

The call was for a "disturbance" made by Philadelphia County State Representative Kevin Boyle.

In a video shared on social media, and viewed by the township’s Chief of Police, Boyle, appearing intoxicated, threatens to shut down the bar. Boyle said, "I can end this bar by the way. I’ll end this bar."

The video runs for three minutes.

Boyle is repeatedly told to leave.

He claims the women are members of the U.S. military and threatens to "prevent your promotion." He said, "This bar is done. Do you know who I am? The bar is done tomorrow. Do you know who I am? This bar is done!"

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A man answering the door at Boyle’s home said he wasn’t there. Boyle’s district office was closed, and calls were sent to a voice recording.

In a statement, the Pa. House Democratic Leadership wrote:

"We are aware of video circulating on social media. It is very troubling. Rep. Boyle has been open about his personal challenges. We are encouraged that our colleague and dear friend is seeking help."

The police chief said Boyle was not charged and adds, "No one reports seeing him get in a car to leave," but the department is investigating the "threats" Boyle makes on the video.