Parent snaps photo of soldier saluting the flag at school

A Barrow County mother was a car rider line in Winder when she witnessed an incredible act of patriotism this month.

Michelle B. told FOX 5 she's usually some place where she can watch her son take the flag down every day at Russell Middle School in Winder.

"We are a patriotic family. We have raised our kids to respect the flag and what it stands for," she said.

Michelle said while she was in the car rider line, she spotted a solider wearing his Army Combat Uniform. He got out of his truck and stood at attention, saluting the flag in 90 degree weather as it was being retired for the day.

"The day I took the photo, I was not facing the flag, but immediately noticed when a soldier got out of his truck to salute the flag," the mother said.

She immediately picked up her phone and snapped the photo of SFC Brian Privett.

"I thought to myself , this is an example of true pride in our country and respect for our flag. This is what should be getting air time, not a spoiled NFL player," Michelle said, referencing Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest.

Michelle told FOX 5 she didn't know who the soldier was until his wife walked up to her at band practice later that day.

"She told me that she cried when she saw the picture of Brian on her Facebook page!"

The wife of SFC Privett thanked Michelle for taking the photo and said she didn't even know it was him.

"This is an example of pride of country and respect for our flag and what it stands for," Michelle said.