Parents concerned transferring teachers could lead to disruption in learning

A new school year is underway and along with it comes new concerns about a practice called "leveling." It's when teachers are transferred from one class to another or from one school to another depending on class size after the semester starts. Throw the pandemic into the mix and some parents are concerned it could cause even more disruption.

The School District of Philadelphia is still trying to figure out the brave new world of online learning. According to the school district, one of the challenges is how to  properly utilize teachers where needed. 

 “Leveling will occur at some point once we know what the numbers are and also once we know what our plans will be when we return to some form of in-person instruction," Superintendent Dr. William Hite said.

For Sandy Spicer, a mom of three kids in school, she says if her son's teacher was reassigned it would be hard on her son.

“Because built a bond, he actually has the same teacher he had from last year. She teaches 5th and 6th grade so she got to learn him and how to teach him, patience with him," she said.

 If and when the school district does level depends on information, according to Hite.

"Whether we follow the same timeline on that is still up in the air because that quite frankly will likely be delayed simply because we don’t want to do that now and then whenever we come back to in-person instruction we may have to do that again," he said.


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