Parking amnesty program deadline extended for drivers with vouchers

Another day of long lines is expected Tuesday as residents take advantage of the Philadelphia Parking Authority's extended deadline for parking amnesty--but only those who were not serviced after waiting in line Monday evening.

With the PPA's program, all unpaid parking tickets from before 2013 may be forgiven if residents pay the more recent ones.

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Most want to know why this couldn't all be done online. The amnesty program kicked off March 1, but many insist the website just didn't work.

We caught up with the deputy director of the parking authority for some answers. She says the issue is that everyone waited until the final hour. Online registration did end, and she insists it worked.

"It's not an issue about a computer glitch. It really is matching people's identity because I don't want to give you the tickets for a John Smith that is not you," she said.

Those who waited in line on Monday were given ticketed pieces of paper allowing entry to PPA's office either Tuesday or Wednesday before 2 p.m.

The office will be closed to the rest of the public to accommodate the large volume of people who were unable to be seen by PPA officials Monday night.

For more information about the parking amnesty program, see here.