Passenger claims Uber driver pulls gun on him

An Uber driver allegedly pulled a gun on a passenger in Old City.

The passenger spoke with FOX 29's Jeff Cole.

Kenneth Dunning, after having drinks with his wife and another couple, called an Uber to Second and Market last Thursday night. Dunning says the driver pulled a gun on him in the car after he told him where to turn.

"He pulls out a gun, takes the gun--points it right directly at me and says I'm going to shoot you. I got something for you, now. I got something for you now..." says Dunning.

Dunning says when he stopped the driver from turning onto I-95 north, he hit the brakes in the middle of Columbus Blvd.

"For about 5 minutes he sits there still. Just staring me in the face with more and more rage. I say come on man we got to move, lets go," says Dunning.

Dunning also says that when they got the corner of Vine and Water, that is when the driver pulled the gun.

"Comes up to me puts the gun at my forehead, puts it in my chest--says I told you I got something for you," says Dunning.

Dunning says people started to gather from a nearby high-rise and the driver took off. After informing police of the incident, Dunning has already identified the driver from photos provided by police.

According to the Uber app, Troy from North Philly was at the wheel with a 4.9 star rating and 2 years on the job.

An Uber spokesperson has confirmed Troy was a driver, but has since been let go. The spokesman also said that all drivers are given background checks and Troy did not have any disqualifying characteristics.

Both police and Uber are still investigating the incident.