Passenger describes feeling 'over the edge' being trapped on Princess cruise

As the 3,500 people aboard the Princess cruise are set to get off the vessel they’ve been trapped on for days, one passenger said he’s doing his best to keep his spirits high.

But it’s not easy.

“I’m sorry, I’m probably over the edge right now as far as being upset with the whole thing,” Michael Bell, 71, told KTVU on Sunday night, hours before he and others will be allowed to disembark at the Port of Oakland beginning on Monday. “But we’re trying to keep a happy face.”

Bell said he has been stuck in his room with no chance to exercise or do much of anything since Wednesday night.


Princess Cruise Michael Bell, stuck on a ship with coronavirus passengers.

Another Grand Princess passenger had more serious troubles. 

Family members said 83-year-old Lavina Fuller of Cedar Falls, Iowa, was finally able to receive a three-day supply of her medication this weekend after running dangerously low. Without the medication, they said, she would have likely suffered a stroke.

Over the weekend, the US Coast Guard delivered a large amount of medical supplies to the cruise, where 21 people on board have tested positive for coronavirus.

The crew also evacuated a sick passenger who had fallen critically ill, although that person was treated for something, completely unrelated to the coronavirus.

All those aboard the ship are expected to disembark over the next several days at the Port of Oakland. 


Grand Princess cruise.


The Grand Princess cruise is expected to dock in Oakland.


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