Passenger Gives Birth to Premature Baby at 30,000 Feet With Help of Airline Crew

A woman gave birth two months early while on an international flight from Indonesia to Los Angeles.

The "very, very pregnant woman" went into labor about halfway through the flight on Monday, passenger Amira Rajput told INSIDE EDITION.

"We didn't really know that the woman was giving birth," Rajput said.

At 30,000 feet, the China Airlines pilot asked if there was a doctor on board, but staff remained calm, Rajput said.

It "wasn't like ooh! We need a doctor," she said. "She wasn't even screaming or anything."

The Taiwanese woman was in labor for about two hours, Rajput said.

Rajput, a health food advocate known as The Kitchen Doc, said the woman was covered by blankets as flight attendants stood over her. A doctor was indeed on board, and delivered the healthy baby, she said.

The flight made an emergency landing in Anchorage so the new mother could be taken to a hospital. The plane then it proceeded to Los Angeles three hours behind schedule.

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