Peace motorcade rolling through Philly neighborhoods in wake of violence

A peace motorcade is rolling through the city int the wake of violence.

 Bilal Qayyum gives the orders as to where they'll go and what they'll do when they get there. He started the movement four weeks ago. 

"To really talk about and promote peace in the city of Philadelphia," he said. It started the first week with West Philly, then to North Philly and this one in South Philly stopping briefly at some corners to deliver a message to anyone who will listen. 

"Shootings are up, homicides are up so we wanted to send a clear message to people in the neighborhood that there are concerned individuals in the city of Philadelphia about the violence and we want to speak out," said Qayyum. And there's sadly a lot to speak up about. 

A violent weekend where several men opened fire on a Brewerytown street killing a woman and then in West Philly where a 7-year-old boy outside playing was caught in gunfire. He died today. 

"When you get upset that's when you begin to take action to do something. What we're trying to do with the motorcade is motivate people to do something.”

Qayyum  started with the Father's Day Rally Committee 31 years ago hosting events to get father's involved with their children daily and honoring dads who do. 

"We were averaging 500 murders a year and all through the 90s averaging over 400 which looks like we might be this year with the numbers," he said. “Being out in the streets doing intervention trying to get to as many young people as possible and giving messages it's all positive change if we consistently do it," said Qayyum.

The peace motorcade will go through Southwest Philly this Thursday. About 20 other anti-violence organizations in the city are supporting it and participating. 


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