PennDOT continues pothole repair work

PennDOT continues to work to repair potholes throughout the Delaware Valley.

Motorists are encouraged to contact PennDOT when they come across potholes. PennDOT has several methods for contact, including a toll-free 1-800-349-7623 (1-800-FIX-ROAD), or on the internet at

PennDOT reports that more than 90% of pothole concerns were addressed through February 2018.

When reporting a pothole, PennDOT asks the public to be as specific as they can be, including the county information, municipality, street name and state route number. Also, descriptions of landmarks are useful when attempting to point out a pothole location.

For a complete county-by-county list of locations PennDOT will be focusing on throughout the Delaware Valley, click here.