Pennsville police warn people to stay off the streets with golf carts

Pennsville police say they have received numerous complaints about golf carts being driven on public roads. 

"You know, I want to try and stop it before somebody does get hurt on it.  We haven’t had any accidents or fatalities or anything with it but we could and I just feel that it’s not safe," Pennsville Police Chief Alan Cummings said.

Golf carts have to be registered like cars in the state of New Jersey. The chief says the cart driving is an evening thing but his concerns resonate.

"They were driving in the middle of the road. It wasn’t even like they were driving in the lane. It was a little bit of a concern," one resident told FOX 29's Hank Flynn. 

You also need a New Jersey state drivers license to drive a legal golf cart on New Jersey roads and residents say some drivers look very young.