Pennsylvania ride-share driver kicks couple out over racist comments

A local ride-share driver is going viral after calling out racism during a recent ride.

James Bode was on the job when he picked a couple up outside a bar near Allentown Friday night.

A woman named Jackie gets into the backseat and appears to immediately comments about Bode being white.

"Are you like a white guy?" she can be heard asking in a video of the exchange. "Are you like a normal guy, like you speak English."

Bode, who appeared initially confused, told the couple to get out of his car after the "completely inappropriate" comment.

"That's ok, I'm not gonna take the ride," he said. "You guys can get out."

The man then became angry, calling Bode an "a******," and saying he should "punch him in the face."

Man allegedly threatens ride-share driver after being kicked out. (James Bode)

"You're gonna threaten me with assault?" Bode asked. "Cause you guys are racist *****."

The video has been seen and shared tens of thousands of times on social media, with many people praising Bode for his actions.

However, Bode says he shouldn't be "the guy" to speak out against racism.

"We should all be that person," Bode said in a Facebook post. "Speak up if you’re uncomfortable with it because it makes them uncomfortable, as they should be."

James Bode says everyone should speak up against racism.

Lyft says they are thankful for drivers like Bodes.

"We are incredibly grateful to Lyft driver James Bode for instantly shutting down this hate and upholding our no tolerance anti-discrimination policies," Lyft said in a statement. "We're looking into these riders and are in touch with James to show our thanks."

Police are also investigating the incident.