People look for ways to beat the heat in Philadelphia

The scorching weather didn’t stop people from getting outside in Philadelphia Friday, but beating the heat was a challenge.

"It’s very hot today, but we got to keep practicing, so we can make it," Reidi Gjuzi said.

Soccer on the South Philly Pitch doesn’t stop for heat, especially when the season is around the corner.

"It is really hot, but we’re just staying hydrated, so we don’t have heat stroke," Raejaun Faulkner stated.

"It’s tougher to get the moves in and get practice when it’s hot and we have to stop and drink water and take it slower," Jacob Kaplan added.

Over at Penn Treaty Park, it was music, food and a big cake to celebrate Alliaani’s first birthday. "It’s actually pretty nice where we are. Plenty of trees blocking the sun and direct sun. It’s actually a nice big breeze over here," Alliaani’s mom, Phoenix Thomas, said.

"The air conditioning feels great. I really didn’t want to leave it, but I’ll get back to it soon," grandmother Takeeya Thomas remarked.

Anyone wishing to escape the heat will have better luck heading to the Poconos or down the shore, where it’s forecasted to be 10 degrees cooler.