Philadelphia business owners hopeful that stimulus will provide some aid

People are breathing a sigh of relief after President Trump signed the COVID-19 relief bill Congress passed last week. 

They were putting the finishing touches on some new street-side dining space outside the Fork restaurant Monday.

"For restaurants, it's still not enough, but it is a start. As some people say it's a down payment," Ellen Yin, owner of Fork, said.

Yin has kept the Old City eatery open through the worst of the pandemic. Now, she's hoping for brighter days ahead for her business and her employees.

Scott Champman delivers produce to local restaurants in the city. He's hoping new stimulus money will help struggling restaurants all over the area. He was happy to hear a stimulus check for himself, his wife and children will finally be flowing his way. 

"I have three kids at home and two in college. It definitely makes a difference," he said.

Jeff Bergman runs a popular pizza shop on Market Street. He's pushed through many struggles to keep his shop open throughout the pandemic. 

"It helps us keep the lights on, helps keep the food coming in, helps us keep servicing customers," he said.


Trump signs COVID relief bill granting stimulus checks, jobless benefits


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