Philadelphia continues vaccination effort with FEMA's mass clinic

After a shaky start to the vaccine rollout in Philadelphia, it looks like they're finally making progress at the Pennsylvania Convention Center now that FEMA is running things.

The city says the big push to get people vaccinated is far from over. Officials want shots ready and available for everyone in the city.

It’s not often that folks are "pleased" to get a shot-in-the-arm, but it sure seems the case at Arch and 11th where the newly vaccinated emerge.

Federal worker Mary Jo Rossiter beat COVID but she’s worried her mom would not.

"I have a 95-year-old mom and so it was important for me and my family I get it done," she said.

It was day three of the FEMA-supported mass vaccination site "jabbing" the arms of Philly residents in the Convention Center. 

The goal is 6,000 shots a day, every day for eight weeks.

An official with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says they just missed that goal on Wednesday but topped it Thursday.

"Speaking as a native South Philadelphian, I’m seeing a true representation of Philadelphia on the vaccine floor. My friends and neighbors are reaching out to praise the good work our federal partners and the city are doing here," Charlie Elison said.

Most leaving the center say the process is "smooth," but the city’s health commissioner admits the problem of vaccination invites being forwarded to others has not been solved.

"The company needs to make the fix, the company that has the software. They promised it some weeks ago. They promised it last week. They promised it earlier this week we still have yet to see that fix," Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said.

Philadelphia’s surrounding counties are still "reeling" from revelations they’ve been "shortchanged" in Pennsylvania’s vaccine rollout. A source tells FOX 29 a meeting to kick-around the issue with state health officials canceled Thursday has been reset for Sunday afternoon.


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