Report details undersupply of vaccine distributed to Philadelphia suburban counties

A Philadelphia Inquirer report details an undersupply of vaccine distributed to Philadelphia suburban counties, compared to counties in other parts of the state. 

Shortly after vaccines started going into arms local county officials started sounding the alarm.

From Chester to Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery, vaccines don't seem to be coming in fast enough.

The Inquirer investigation into Department of Health data revealed local health officials had good reason to be concerned when it comes to getting their fair share of vaccines. Columnist Maria Panaritis broke the story.

"There didn’t seem to be something right. There appeared to be some sort of shortchanging vaccine dose wise in the collar counties," she told FOX 29.

For instance, according to the analysis, in Delaware County where the population is about 566,000, the county received just 51,650 doses. It's fifth in population but ranked 53rd in doses per 100,000, the report said.

The situation is similar in Montgomery, Chester and Bucks, which is ranked among the highest in population, but ranked 20th, 29th, and 34th in dose rate.

So where are they going? According to the Inquirer report, the top dose rates are in Montour, Elk, Mifflin, and Mercer counties, which are some of the smallest counties in the Commonwealth.

The state tells the Inquirer that it's looking into the distribution channels but so far offered no response to the report.

"To what extent is that being fixed if that’s the case and how quickly because we all need the vaccine. And we all need to know the vaccine is going where it’s needed," Panaritis said.

The analysis did not include the City of Philadelphia



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