Philadelphia fans hold out hope for 76ers

Are 76ers fans still trusting the process after Saturday's loss? It's do or die Monday, May 7.

"Ah man, the Sixers," said Mike Lewis.

"Turnovers at the end hurt them," Joe Kirlin said.

"I'm a go coaching on this one, they need a little help in the coaching arena," Lewis added.

"It's tough. Growing pains, they're a young team," Elliot Paden said.

"They're not looking good," added Alison Baker.

Fans are not beating up the Sixers, as some might expect Philadelphia fans to do.

"I would never be mad at them," Paden stated.

"Great effort. They're young and they'll get better," Jimmy Kirlin explained.

Do they have time?

"They're gonna come back. I think they will," Lauren Barbera said hopefully.

"I do not have that much hope. You gotta take care of home court and they did not. Game 4 let's be positive and move on," Mike Tyrrell explained.

"It'll be really surprising. Four games? That'll be a sight to see," said Andy Gnias.

"Maybe this isn't their year, maybe they'll get better," Baker added.

"There's always a chance until someone says no and if somebody says no, it's always next year," explained Natalie Boyland.

And, at least there's always plenty to fill the void.

"I'm savoring the Super Bowl win. I woke up this morning a little bit upset, but they can't take this away from us. We're still champions," Lewis stated.

"It's all good in Philly. It's all good," said Jimmy Kirlin.

"Living the dream. Eagles, Villanova. And, watch out for the Phillies," added Joe Kirlin.