Philadelphia International Airport's 'Wingmate Pass' allows guests to accompany travelers to gate

A new program at Philadelphia International Airport will give guests accompanying or meeting travelers at the airport a luxury that hasn't been available in over 20 years.

The Wingmate Pass is a free amenity that gives non-ticketed guests access to the secure side of the airport. With the pass, people accompanying travelers will get to meet them at their gate.

"It allows people to sign-up in advance for the chance to get a pass to accompany a family member to their gate if their traveling, or if they want to meet someone in Philadelphia that’s arriving on a domestic flight," said Heather Redfern, Public Affairs Manager at Philadelphia International Airport. 

The pass gives people access to get through TSA via special designated areas like the D-E terminal or the A-East terminal. Redfern said the access is limited to 50 people per day and pass applications are reviewed by TSA. 

Applications are available on Philadelphia International Airport's website. Officials recommend submitting an application 1-7 days before meeting or accompanying someone. 

The day of the flight, applicants should receive an email with their approved day pass that allows access to the secure side of the airport between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pass holders must be an adult with a driver's license and can only bring one personal item.