Philadelphia nurse practitioner on a mission to help those in need of COVID vaccines

There are still plenty of people who want a COVID-19 vaccine, but haven’t been able to get it for one reason or another. So, that’s where a nurse practitioner steps in. He’s taking it upon himself to make sure left over doses don’t go to waste.

Tarik Khan is a nurse practitioner by day at The Family Practice and Counseling Network in Philadelphia and a knight in shining scrubs by evening.

The 42-year-old making his way around the city after work, delivering left over doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to people who might not otherwise be able to get it, all out of the goodness of his heart.

"The reason why I do it is because I have patients who got really sick from COVID and I don’t know if a lot of people are taking it as seriously as we need to," Khan explained.

First stop – North Philly and a visit to Elizabeth Strange who is homebound.

"Ready? 1, 2, 3. You did it. All done," Khan administers the vaccine to Strange.

Elizabeth’s family wanted her to get vaccinate and the 104-year-old is glad she did.

"Yes, I am feeling relieved," Strange remarked.

Tarik calls the left over shots "Angel Doses." The last thing he wants us for them to go bad, when they could go into arms.

While some of his stops are referrals, others are just through word of mouth. Tarik does a lot of community outreach.

"There’s still some vaccine hesitancy. I think trust is very important," Tarik went on.

That was definitely the case for Darlene Marcus.

"Little hesitant about it, that is true. I’m afraid of needles. Him giving it made it – took some of the pressure off, getting it from a friend," Darlene said.

Tarik vaccinating four people at a home on the 2,200 block of Woodstock.

"That was the bomb. Came to me and can get it done and it didn’t even hurt. I was stressing for nothing, but I’m glad I got it done," Chris Parker stated.



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