Philadelphia Phillies, fans honor Cole Hamels as he retires with team

A special tribute at Citizens Bank Park Friday night, as former ace Cole Hamels was honored, officially retiring as a Phillie, where he pitched for 10 seasons and named MVP in the 2008 World Series.

"It was heartfelt. I loved it," fan Jenna Gakgowski described the evening.

Fans dug out their Hamels jerseys, while the Phillies dugout was filled with stars of the first World Series champs, Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton. Many of the ’08 champs were also on hand.

Hamels manager, Charlie Manual, helped Cole don his number 35 jersey again in order to throw out the first pitch to his trusted catcher Chooch Ruiz.

For fans, it was a magical moment.

"Awesome! It was just fantastic. He still looks like he did when he was 22 years old," Mark Petrancuri commented.

"Personally, I love Chooch. I love him," Gakgowski added.

After it was all done, Hamels took a seat in the media room, maybe for the final time.

"How you guys all doing?" Hamels laughed.

He continued, "This is a special place. I’m really, really fortunate that this day came up and how everything turned out with some of the best teammates I’ve ever had. I got to play a game I love and to do it for people that really appreciate it."

He remarked, "We got to do something really special in a city. And the bond we have is gonna be forever. And, to be able to come back and be welcomed and loved and just to try to acknowledge how thankful we are that we got to play in front of some of the best fans in the world and we got to win."