Philadelphia pizza shop named one of the best in US by NY Times

Move over New York City, it looks like Philadelphia is home to one of the best slices in the country!

San Lucas Pizza on South Bouvier Street has just made the New York Times' list of the 22 Best Pizza Places in America.

The South Philly pizzeria was opened in 2005 by Valentin Palillero and his wife, Eva Mendez.

While customers can order traditional pies, the menu is also filled with new recipes inspired by Mexican cuisine.


"Mr. Palillero, who emigrated from Puebla, Mexico, also wanted to appeal to his own community that had been settling in the surrounding blocks for the last decade or so," The Times said.

Toppings include everything from smoky guajillo sauce and spiced pork to black beans and chopped cilantro.

"Nowadays, these varieties, served with a side of lime wedges, are as popular as the originals."