Philadelphia plans to hire temporary workers to help tackle city’s trash issue

Philadelphia is planning on hiring over 100 temporary workers in hopes of tackling the city's trash issue.

Mayor Jim Kenney blames the problem on a perfect storm of unique issues, including a large number of sanitation workers coming down with COVID-19.

“We’ve had extremely hot weather. We had two major storms that slowed up our progress and people have been home and they’ve been doing home improvement work and generating a lot more trash," Kenney said.

Now, the city says extra help is on the way in the form of workers from the city’s laborers list to try to get the city back on track.

Harold Carter says he likes the idea of extra workers pitching in.

"What can you do in these times you just gotta go with the flow that’s good though more money, more work. I know people out here that, well some people still want to work,” he said.

So when will trash finally be caught up?

“The last thing I heard was three weeks. Two, three weeks, I think we’re a week into that process already, so soon, as soon as possible,” Kenney said.

Residents seeking comprehensive information on their regular trash and recycle pickup, can find information at the Philadelphia Streets Department website here.


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