Philadelphia trash pickup troubles linger into another week

Trash troubles continue in Philadelphia and the Streets Department says pickups are still a day behind.

Many residents are confused about what to do as trash continues to pile up.

“It’s a lot of trash out here,” stated resident Chelsea Badeau.

Still lining neighborhood streets all over Philadelphia. Maybe not sitting and stinking and drawing critters for a week or more, as before, but trash is on the curb in West Philadelphia and in Mount Airy and neighbors say the trash has been occupying the curb about five days.

“What some of us have done is we’ve taken trash back. After sitting on the street for days in the hot weather, back up on our porches. And, I don’t know how long it’s gonna stay that way,” Block Captain Crystal Peterkin said.

Just trying to figure it all out, Peterkin is the Block Captain along North 53rd Street, between Master and Media. She’s keeping up as best she can with the ever-changing directives from streets and sanitation officials.

“It’s just not clear,” Peterkin added.

The official report says pickups are only a day behind, at worst.

But, Streets Department officials explain it can still take two or more days to pick up what normally is a one day pickup. Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams spoke about delays last week.

“We are challeneged with COVID related issues just like the rest of the public and we also have operational challenges due to that,” Commissioner Williams explained.

The plan for the last week of July includes no recycle pickup for those scheduled Monday and Tuesday and sanitation convenience centers, where residents can drop off trash and recycled items on their own, are now open everyday, 6 a.m. through 8 p.m. Residents just have to show proof they live in Philadelphia.

That’s Crystal’s plan, but there are health and safety concerns with that.

“I don’t wanna be driving along and get a surprise, like some critter’s in my car,” Peterkin said.

Chelsea Badeau thought there might be good news when FOX 29’s Joyce Evans stopped by to talk with her along the 500 and 600 block of East Mount Airy Avenue.

Like Crystal Peterkin, Badeau understands the challenges and worries about the workers, but should she take the trash herself or leave it out?

“I hope the city can come up with a solution that also keeps the workers safe,” Badeau remarked.

As soon as Badeau went inside, her block and another got trash and recycling picked up.

Neighbors around the corner? Still waiting.

Residents seeking comprehensive information on their regular trash and recycle pickup, can find information at the Philadelphia Streets Department website here.


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