Philadelphia police, FBI investigate rash of bank robberies

Philadelphia police and the FBI are investigating a rash of bank robberies.

He certainly caught a few eyes in a disguise when he walked into the Citizen's Bank on Frankford Avenue and announced a robbery.

While investigators haven't yet branded him the fedora bandit, ask anyone in the Mayfair neighborhood where this bank robber struck and they certainly have an opinion.

"It looks like a beat up fedora. Let's put it that way or something off a scare crow--an old scare crow," William Shull at Gino's Pizza told FOX 29 Monday night.

Monday morning, the fedora wearing bank robber changed it up a bit. Investigators say this is his most recent get up. A baseball cap turned backwards with an 'A' on it, a camouflage jacket and white safety glasses.

The FBI says the suspect walked into the BB&T Bank Monday at Unruh and the Boulevard around 10:35 a.m., handed the teller a note and announced a robbery. Seconds later, he left the bank empty handed.

Twenty minutes later, the suspect appeared at this First Trust Bank on Krewstown road and again demanded money. He left with a fist full of 20s, 50s and $100 dollar bills, according to police.

The FBI says in each of the bank robberies Monday morning the suspect fled the bank and headed to the parking lot where he got into a red SUV and made his escape.

Authorities say no one was injured in the robberies. One bank closed for the day Monday.

Officials are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the string of robberies. Investigators believe the suspect might be from the area.