Philadelphia police investigating massive brawl between teens in Mayfair

Philadelphia police confirm to FOX 29 that detectives are investigating a massive brawl between teenagers Saturday night in Mayfair. The video shows dozens of teenagers trading punches and throwing bottles in a two-minute video being shared on social media.

"How lucky I am that he did come home because it could have been way worse," says one Mayfair mother who asked not to be identified by name. 

The mothers of two Lincoln High School seniors say both of their 17-year-old sons are recovering from serious injuries after a melee outside of Austin Meehan Middle School on the 3000 block of Ryan Avenue.

The two-minute video also sent to FOX 29 shows the brawl involving more than two dozen people. In the chaos, one of the boys is punched and is seen falling to the ground. You also see several girls tossing glass bottles into the crowd. A girl is heard on video saying, "They got jumped."

"They came up about three cars and came up here and started to attack and fight. Throwing bottles, breaking bottles, hit my son over the head with a bottle, hit him in his face. Stomped on him," said another mother whose son is a senior at Lincoln High School. 

The mothers say their sons were talking with girls in the school's parking lot when three carloads of other teenagers showed up minutes later wanting to fight. Both say their sons spent the night in the hospital and are still recovering from their injuries.

"My son said there was about 15 to 20 people at first. Girls and boys. And then at the end, there had to be 40 to 50 of them," said one of the mothers.

Outside the school, a few stray sneakers and dirty shirts in the grass are all the evidence left behind of the wild night. The moms are hoping police identify and arrest those who hurt their sons.

Philadelphia police tell FOX 29 they are looking at the video and interviewing potential witnesses. So far, there have been no arrests.



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