Philadelphia police officer arrested on drug charges

Authorities say they have arrested a Philadelphia police officer after he attempted to send a package in the mail containing marijuana.

According to police, on January 5th, The Philadelphia Police Department Internal Affairs Unit was notified of an incident allegedly involving a Philadelphia Police Officer. As a result of this information, Internal Affairs began an investigation into the allegations against this officer.

The investigation revealed that Philadelphia Police Officer William Branish Jr. attempted to send a package in the mail containing several small packages of marijuana, according to police. Investigators say it was determined that Branish used an associate's account at a local company to allegedly mail the package. The package was returned undeliverable and was received by another employee at the company, according to investigators.

Authorities say William Branish was arrested Tuesday and charged with: Simple Possession and Possession with Intent to Deliver.

Branish Jr. is 43-years-old, and a 14-year veteran of the department, assigned to the 26 th District.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended William Branish Jr. for thirty days with the intent to dismiss.