Philadelphia police officer facing charges after allegedly deleting arrest video

A Philadelphia police officer is facing charges after allegedly deleting an arrest video from a man's phone in March.

It happened after a traffic stop on March 23. Jacob Giddings and his attorney say officers approached Giddings at a gas station and asked him to get out of the car. Giddings refused and instead asked for the officer's supervisor. That is when Officer Tyree Burnett can be seen on video dragging Giddings out of the car.

"It escalates and the officer eventually loses patience and attempts to snatch Mr. Giddings out of the vehicle. When he snatches him out of the vehicle and begins to assault him, Mr. Giddings drops his phone," stated Giddings’ attorney Donte Mills.

In body cam footage obtained by Giddings and Mills, Officer Burnett can be seen picking up and tapping on Giddings phone.

"You see the officer then going in since the video was actively being recorded, his phone was unlocked, so you see the officer go into the recordings and delete the video," Mills commented.

The Philadelphia Police Department immediately opened an investigation into the allegation. Officer Burnett was placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office charged Officer Burnett on July 20 with tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, and official oppression.

Officer Burnett is a four-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He was last assigned to the 35th District.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has suspended Officer Burnett for 30 days with the intent to dismiss.


Philly cop accused of deleting arrest video from man’s phone in lawsuit



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