Philadelphia touts new summer programs to help keep kids, teens safe

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and fellow city leaders shared a host of new summer programs for kids and teens designed to keep the city's youth safe. 

The campaign - dubbed #ItsASummerThing after the Eagles playoff motto - includes summer camps and summer jobs that will pay kids as young as 12. 

"Last year, especially in neighborhoods that are struggling with various issues, the kids really seem to respond to it, enjoy it and felt as if we cared about them and we cared about their neighborhood and we cared about their families," Kenney said during Tuesday's press conference. 

While the city is bringing back several successful programs, there are also new features in the 2023 slate of programs. This year, every summer camp in Philadelphia will have extended care until 6 p.m. and for the first time lifeguards will receive bonuses. 

"We're at four times with lifeguards than what we were this time last year, so we've seen a great uptick," Deputy Commissioner Bill Salvatore said. 

The city says its working to keep more pools open and offering free swimming classes at all public pools and camps with pools. 

"We got to keep them occupied, they need to learn to swim, we're very concerned about water safety," Noa Labor, a parent, told FOX 29. 

WorkReady is offering paid summer jobs for kids as young as 12 as part of the summer slate of programs. The School District of Philadelphia a local public libraries are pitching in with different educational opportunities.

"It's really important because every time you turn around, it's always gun violence," Yvette Washington said. "A lot of times you want to go to the parks, but the parks are really not safe."

Adults also are a part of this mission too. The Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department is asking for adults to help serve free meals. 

For more information, visit the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation website.