Philadelphians Enjoy an Unusually Warm Christmas Eve

Ah yes....there's nothing like a great run along Kelly Drive on a warm Christmas Eve.

No really! There's nothing like it!

"It's very strange. Super warm. I feel very weird wearing a tank top outside on Christmas Eve!"

No shirt? No problem for jogger Josh Hibbs.

"It's crazy. It's been a wild wild winter for sure. I've run in everything from 40 to 30 degrees to 70 or whatever it is today so, it's crazy."

Of course most people we saw opted for shirts... just with short sleeves...while giving their winter coats a break -an unusual theme for a late December stroll around Philadelphia City Hall.

You've got the shorts out on Christmas Eve... You ever think that would happen? "I've seen it once before but not this day in age.") "I love it! I mean it beats snow any day of the week. Too bad I'm not in my boat that's all."

"You ever think you would be wearing short sleeves and no coat on Christmas Eve? "no I didn't think; not on Christmas Eve."

But Jerry Campion's grandkids are feeling a bit out of place without their own winter wonderland!

"It's not snowing yet ! Are you happy about that or sad? Sad. ...because I like building snow mans."

At least there's a chill on the Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Plaza...but rain mixed with warmth can make the ice hard to come by at times.

"Where you get the ice melt on the sides, you get some leakage and holes...we have to be on it immediately to get those holes patched up and keep the ice on there."

Hard work skaters like Stacey Pierce and her family can certainly appreciate.

It does feel different. It doesn't quite feel like the spirit of Christmas but as long as we're together that's what counts."