Philadelphia's Pulse nightclub survivors share experience on ‘Good Day'

"Good Day Philadelphia" had some special guests on Tuesday's newscast. Two local survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando stopped by FOX 29 ten days after being wounded and losing a loved one.

Quincy Harris greeted Patience Carter and Tiara Parker as they arrived on Market Street.

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Carter, being a FOX 29 intern, knew Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley.

Parker did not.

She described her late cousin Akyra Murray, who did not make it, as very smart, and said she accomplished more in high school than most students do.

Akyra graduated from West Catholic Prep less than a week before she was killed. She had just accepted a full college scholarship for basketball.

Parker also said Akyra was like a little sister and always happy.

Tiara was shot through the side of her stomach and said the bullet "went past a lot of vital organs by the grace of God."

Patience said it feels good to be back in Philadelphia and that everybody is showing love.

As for her injured leg, it's "healing up pretty well" and she's "making a lot of progress" walking with crutches, which was difficult at first.

The two met President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. President Obama signed Patience's journal. The poem she wrote in there has made her perhaps the most prominent survivor.

The mentioned some haters have accused them of not being completely honest about their ordeal. Patience said that's because the media reported many conflicting stories in such a changing and volatile situation.

Despite that and their medical situations, they're staying strong and positive because the families of the 49 killed want to see them that way.

Mike and Alex called them heroes, inspirational, and brave.

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