Phillies replacing beloved 'Dollar Dog Nights' with new $5 BOGO promotion

Talk about the end of an era! A fan-favorite Phillies tradition is officially over after 27 years.

The Phillies announced on Thursday that "Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog Nights" will be replaced with "Hatfield Phillies Franks BOGO Nights" this season at Citizens Banks Park.

On April 2 and 16, fans can buy two hot dogs for the price of one hot dog - $5!

A far cry from the $1 dogs introduced during the first "Dollar Dog Nights" at Veterans Stadium in 1997.

The Phillies say the change is "based on the organization’s ongoing commitment to provide a positive experience for all fans in attendance."

Last year, some rowdy fans turned the beloved tradition into a massive food fight, launching hot dogs across the stands.

Phillies’ Senior Vice President, Ticket Operations & Projects, John Weber, provided more details on the change in a presser Thursday afternoon. 

"Last season, the throwing of hot dogs, it just was not an enjoyable experience, and we're working on a few things. Additional staffing, additional hot dog areas to sell the hot dogs and, you know, additional security as we move forward into 2024"

How will the new BOGO work? 

"You can buy two hot dogs and then two more. So you get a max of four hot dogs when you go up to the concession line. And that's been what it's been in the past. It's been you can get four hot dogs at one time," said Weber.  All the hot dogs are $5. So you get four hot dogs for $10."

What can Phillies fans expect? 

"Unfortunately, we had fans throwing hot dogs, you know, back and forth and we just can't have that. So, you know, that would be the main thing. And again, there's going to be lines, but we're going to try our best to mitigate them and hopefully with additional security and additional staffing, it just will be a better experience for our fans. That's our goal and that's why we're making this slight change," said Weber. 


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A Delaware County man is crediting his overindulgence at a Philadelphia Phillies dollar dog night promotion with saving his life.

Needless to say, most fans are not in love with the switch-up!

"The Phillies are officially dead to me for a bit. Getting rid of dollar dog night and making it BOGO? Trash move," glizzy gladiator said on Twitter.

However, some seem to understand the decision.

"Maybe morons shouldn't have decided to throw hot dogs all around the stadium idk actions have consequences," Charlie O'Connor said.