Philly barber is providing the homeless with free haircuts

One person doing their part can make a huge difference. That's the mindset of a young barber who decided to take to the streets and help the homeless. He told FOX 29's Bill Anderson that there's enough darkness in their lives and he just wanted to provide some light, if only for an hour….For Goodness Sake.

We're constantly hearing about what Philadelphians don't do and how we don't support each other but since I've been doing the for Goodness Sake segments I see that's really not true. We found another person who's proving that, his name is Brennon Jones, and he's doing haircuts for the homeless.

"I was traveling to work one day, and I seen a guy. I gave him a dollar, and I think I had a piece of fruit or something, said Jones. "He was very appreciative, but on my way home I was asking myself what else could I do? What else could I offer that gentleman?"

It's a question that most of us never would've considered after giving money on the street but Brennon did. He's a trained barber and that seemed like the best place to start.

"I said maybe I could use my talent in hair cutting to provide a service that could potentially brighten someone's day," said Jones.

It's a simple thing to do but a major sacrifice because this isn't just a passing thing for Brennon. Its not about one haircut, one week of haircuts or one month of haircuts.

"I'm gonna try to go for the rest of the year if not longer," said Jones. "I basically was just trying to give back the best way that I know how."

Near City hall the street barbershop actually took on a traditional barbershop feel. People were standing around talking, offering him support and the homeless getting cuts even seemed to get lost momentarily in the moment as a little traditional barbershop trash talking took place.

The atmosphere felt good as both those getting cuts and passersby were genuinely touched by the initiative.

And with that Brennon's daily mission was accomplished.

Brennon's not the first, and he won't be the last. We want to hear about people you know who are helping change our communities everyday. For Goodness Sake. I'm Bill Anderson.