PHILLY DILLY: Father, son put Philly twist on Bud Light commercial

A local father and son are putting a Philly twist on a viral Bud Light commercial, and Philadelphia Eagles fans are taking notice.

Adam Palmer, a loyal Eagles fan who happens to live in Arizona, came home for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was the first time home in 12 years.

Adam's father, Harold, knew exactly how he wanted to mark the occasion, so he reached out to a friend to see if he knew anyone who would sell two tickets to the Eagles matchup against the Chicago Bears.

The friend responded in kind, saying it was his pleasure to provide the experience to them in the form of two tickets.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Adam typically watches the Eagles games with his friends at a bar called the Eagles Nest. The gang was drinking Bud Lights one evening when the now infamous 'Dilly Dilly' commercial aired and quickly adopted the lighthearted cheer.

Then, one night when Adam's friends were screaming 'Dilly Dilly,' he shouted a rouge 'Philly Dilly.' The exclamation stuck.

When Adam heard that he got tickets to the game, he decided to come up with a concept for his sign that represented his love of the game in addition to his appreciation for Philly and Bud Light.

The final result?

"Sir Wentz, escort the Bears to the Pit of Misery #PhillyDilly."

The announcers of the game, as well as many Eagles fans, couldn't help but notice the pair's creative handy work.