Philly Police save deer from Delaware river, pose for selfies after

Philadelphia Police save all kinds of lives on a daily basis. Thursday afternoon, the department's marine unit was tasked with making one unusual rescue; saving a deer that had become trapped in the Delaware River.

FOX 29 reported the deer rescue around 8 p.m. Thursday night. SKYFOX was over the scene as the Marine Unit worked to pull the doe from the chilly river.

Officers could be seen trying to get a rope around the deer's head to pull it into the boat, before they were finally able to get a good hold of it and pull the stranded doe onto their boat.

Once on board, a few of the officers posed for selfies with the doe.

The photos were shared on the department's Twitter page with the message: "When we say "stay out of the Delaware River", we mean animals, too! Luckily for Bambi here, the PPD Marine Unit was nearby. D'oh - a - deer!"