Philly vaccine sweepstakes in full swing as Delta variant spreads

Word from the CDC is the Delta variant is officially the dominant strain of coronavirus in the United States.

After the biggest travel weekend since the pandemic started, there’s even more urgency to get people vaccinated.

Most folks in Philadelphia’s Fairhill section had no idea about the city’s Vax Sweepstakes and a chance to win some big bucks, for residents over 18 and have had at least one shot.

"It’s a big incentive. It does give you a big push to keep yourself safe and others around you safe," Moesha McQueen stated.

Neither McQueen or Donelle Hayes are vaccinated, but when they heard about the sweepstakes and a chance to win $1,000 $5,000 or a whopping $50,000 just to get a shot in the arm, the excitement was palpable.

"Yes, yes. I can’t lie. Yes, it would. I would do that for my family, to give them a better life, because they are deserving of it," Donelle Hayes commented.

Tuesday was the second of three drawings designed to give Philadelphians extra motivation to get vaccinated, with six of the 12 winners being drawn from Farihill, or the 19133 zip code.

"I always can use some extra. Trust me, ain’t nothing wrong with a little extra cash right now," Al Watson stated.

But, people have to be vaccinated to win and Al Watson has been on the fence about it.

"I’m blessed being COV?ID-free, right now, but with things going on, I believe I’m gonna get the shot," Watson said.

"Well, aren’t you worried about the Delta variant?" asked FOX 29’s Dawn Timmeney.

"I am worried about it, but I pretty much stay in," Watson replied.

The Delta variant is in all 50 states, causing an increase in hospitalizations in areas with low vaccination rates.

"The Delta variant is very contagious and it can lead to fairly significant illness. If you haven’t been vaccinated, I would be concerned," Dr. Mike Cirigliano, of Penn Medicine, said.

Philadelphia residents wishing to register in the Philly Vax Sweepstakes can do so here. To learn where to get vaccinated or to schedule an appointment, visit the city’s vaccine information website or call 215-685-5488.



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