Photo shows therapy session with child in lobby of elementary school

People are demanding answers after a parent snapped photos inside a Mercer County elementary school. The photos show a therapy session for a child. That's not unusual in a school, but it's where it was happening that's raising questions. It was all in the middle of the school's lobby.

"I'm watching this whole therapy session, the kid is distracted. Kids passing in the hallway and visitors," Nicole Whitfield said. "And she had like a chair she was using as a table in the front foyer. It just didn't make any sense."

Nicole Whitfield - head of the special parents advocacy group - just happened to be in the lobby of Grant Elementary waiting for a meeting on the school's individualized education program - special-ed, physical, speech therapy are all pt of I.E.P. for which she says space should be set aside. She whipped out her phone camera .

"To me, it was a violation of that child's privacy and a lack of respect for the child," she explained.

Fueling even more anger for April Lyman. She says her 4-year-old is still waiting to get physical therapy for his legs in school.

"He don't even have a regular special-ed teacher inside his class right now (well how's he learning?) he's not."

April says she can't get a return phone call or an email.

Whitfield, the mother of a child with autism, started the advocacy group. She says the complaints they are filing locally to the state and federal authorities are piling up.