PHOTO: Swarm of Mosquitoes Attack Indiana Man Hiding in a Bush

FISHERS, IN (WTXF)- 21-year-old Jordan Lingle thought he had found the perfect hiding spot during a game of capture the flag.

According to Buzzfeed Life, he found a spot to hide at the edge of the woods right near a river.

While his friends may not have been able to see him, hundreds of other creatures surely did.

Mosquitoes. Jordan told Buzzfeed he could feel them all over his body, including his back.

However, he added that he was reluctant to lose his spot, so he tried to fight them off without moving. Then he realized he was engulfed in a swarm, and drove himself home.

His mother posted a photo of the external damage on Facebook.

Jordan claims he managed to do very little scratching, and said the bites went away after a few days.