Photographer dresses in camera Halloween costume that actually takes, displays photos

A photographer dazzled spectators in Japan with his camera Halloween costume that actually snapped and displayed photos. 

Footage recorded by Alyssa Choghri shows a crowd on the streets of Osaka and the man’s Canon camera costume in action. 

In the video, the costume camera produces a quick flash, similar to what a camera would do. Then, he turns around to reveal the photo displayed on his back.

"I saw this giant camera walking toward us, I just knew I had to start recording," Choghri told Storyful. 

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While Choghri thought the flash and costume were all for decoration, she said that after he turned around to reveal the photo, she was left "completely mind-blown."

Choghri told Storyful that the QR seen at the bottom of the man’s screen even allowed her to save and download the photo afterward.

The photographer in the costume goes by Cameraaman, and he’s shared photos from his past Halloween adventures online.

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.