Pleasantville Officer credited with saving baby's life with CPR

A Pleasantville, New Jersey police officer has been credited with saving the life of an infant after responding to an emergency call.

Back in the early morning hours of October 5 th , Officer Marlon Hernandez responded to a call for an unconscious and unresponsive.

Officer Hernandez located the 22-day-old child not breathing, and without a pulse, and immediately started infant CPR.

After several minutes, the infant began to breathe on its own, and became responsive before medics arrived.

The baby was taken to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center's City Campus for further treatment.

The police department credits Officer Hernandez's training for allowing him to react in a timely fashion that saved the baby's life.

Officer Hernandez is to be commended for his calm and professionalism in the face of a harrowing situation and is a perfect example of the outstanding officers of the Pleasantville Police Department.