Police: 10-Year-Old Boy Shot with Paintball

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say a 10-year-old boy is recovering after a man shot him in the face with a paintball. It happened in the city's Juniata section. Police are now on the hunt of the driver.

FOX 29's Karen Hepp spoke to the little boy.

10-year-old Jayden DeLeon has a huge welt right next to his eye after being shot with a frozen paintball.

"It's terrible they would do that to a little kid," Jayden told FOX 29.

The whole ordeal was traumatizing the Deleon family. They were simply getting milk and cookies at the nearby 7-Eleven in Juniata when a man in goggles started shooting from the back of a car.

"For a second I thought my brother had real bleeding because of the paint, rubbed it off and I was like thank God just a paintball. We found out it was frozen a little that's what made a bruise and blood in there," said the boy's brother Jhoann.

Police say the dark green or black Honda sped off down K by Luzerne,

"It's no joke, no joke at all projectiles are fast and hard could have hit eye and done substantial damage to his eye," said East Detectives Captain Mark Burgmann.

On Sunday, another crew fired paint guns at people in Mount Laurel, New Jersey on Willow. That shot hit a 5- year-old boy in the back, according to authorities.

Police warn using a paint gun on the street could be a fatal mistake

"They could even provoke themselves into an attack they have a fake gun essentially and never know who shooting at or pointing it at could be somebody with a real gun,' said Mount Laurel Lt. Steve Rider.