Police: 4 arrested after 103-year-old woman's Wilmington home targeted in distraction burglary

Police say four people are responsible for distraction burglaries that victimized at least two elderly people, including a 103-year-old woman, in Wilmington last week.

Angelo Bimbo, 27; Nicholas Williams, 23; Mandy Frank, 23; and Lisa John, 27, have all been arrested and charged with felony counts of burglary, theft and conspiracy.

The group is accused of burglarizing two homes in broad daylight using distraction techniques, the first incident unfolded Friday around 3:30 p.m.

A 75-year-old man told police that a suspect knocked on his door on the 100 block of Wayland Road posing as a utility worker.

The suspect, along with two others, then entered the home. When the victim became suspicious and asked for identification, the suspects fled in a white BMW SUV.


The next day, police say the home of a 103-year-old woman was burglarized on the 500 block of Milltown Road.

She told police that a man posing as a utility worker entered her home without knocking, took her to the basement and told her to stay there.

The suspect then stole $3,400 worth of jewelry from the victim, and fled in a white BMW SUV, according to police.

All four suspects were taken into custody Monday when police located the suspected vehicle. Police say jewelry, radios, masks and disguises were found inside.

Police are also asking any additional victim to come forward with information.