Police: American Flag Burned Outside Frankford Home

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Police say they are investigating a case of vandalism in the city's Frankford section.

"See there's the remnants of the flag all dripped down here," pointed Kevin Casey. He came home Sunday in disbelief over what he found outside his Frankford home on Herbert Street.

"I saw that and I'm like what in the heck is that? Then I looked up like oh my God they burnt my flag," said Casey.
Someone had set fire to the American flag he's flown outside his home for years.
"It's horrible. It's all burned. It's a beautiful flag."

Casey believes it happened between noon and 3:00 while he was out with his granddaughter Olivia.

"Broad day light," he said. Casey says he's a proud American and doesn't know who would do something like this. He doesn't believe it's personal.

"I called the police to report it and they said someone had just reported another one on Oakland Street. There's a lot of anti-American sentiment going around right now. It probably has something to do with that."

Neighbors say they didn't see anything and Casey doesn't have a home security camera outside his house. But that's something he's now thinking twice about.

"We've not had a need for that but we're going to do it now. Things have been happening. This one scared me good though," said Casey.

Members of Warriors Watch heard what happened. They plan to present Casey with a new flag. Police say they are investigating it as vandalism.